A little apology and some updates!

To express my feelings, here’s a WIP of an overdue watercolor painting I’m doing for a friend.


It’s so pretty and it’s not even finished yet. :’D

Anyway, back to topic.

I’m sorry for not updating for the past few… days? Weeks? Well I was still working with OhMhaiGosh regarding the CG sketches, but there are still a couple of things she needs to prioritize, like, say, exams. And since she’s into our team for Crescendo of Time (I’d be making pages for the VNs I contributed to later on), she needs to make… concepts first so we can go ahead with planning sprites.

I was also in exams, and the “espirito ng kasipagan” (or the spirit of being a workaholic in layman’s terms) has been in me for a long while so I need to review since my Statistics grade isn’t nice. o n o

Scripting is going into the second phase, since Soul and Heart: Replay is going to be turned to a multi-choice, and no longer a linear-plot VN. The first S&H was done to “test the waters”, anyway, so I guess the testing phase in VN-making is finally done. I can do my super best now. Right now I have four endings at my flowchart — which I won’t totally show you of course — but it can still increase. XD

Not going to Show a Lint check because I write so slow my rate is, like, one sentence per minute. ^ ^ |||

And for the people not following the LemmaSoft thread of Soul and Heart, here is the pretty (and horrifying, according to one) new main menu art for the VN.

I totally love it, personally. Hats off to no-bunnies for the awesome digital painting work! There will be a second variation after the reader finishes everything. The bonus will be open-able once the reader finishes the VN once. Screen language for once; for a reason, options.rpy hates the main menu code >n <

I would still need to finish this commission so I’ll go back to this first, and with that I would not update tomorrow too for Update Sunday.  Sorry ^ ^ |||

Next time I post, I would have finished the script by then! > u < I’m so excited about it myself!

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