Want to write something a bit challenging for me for NaNoRenO?


Yes, I vandalize my own works (there should be a guy hanging from her ear but I erased that).

Anyway, I will be participating for NaNoRenO 2013, and will have “The Court of Two Sides” (tentative of course; that title is crappy!), a court intrigue romance game (Choice of Romance much) as my entry that will be… pretty big. And pretty big means that I can’t do it on my own! Yay for ambitious projects!

But I pretty much know that with the right people I can do this, definitely. I already have an artist (a better one that me of course) and a co-writer. If I already have one, you ask, then why would you get another one? Well, young lady/gentleman, I actually got two applications for the co-writer position. And I said, why not? But then the other one suddenly disappeared right before she can give me the prompt I asked, and crap I already divided up the work for the three of us.

And why would this be a challenge, you ask?

Because this VN, unlike most of the others out there, is in second person point-of-view. Yes, you read that right. You will be the one in court. 😉 You will be a female half-elf half-human who was invited to a diplomatic, post-treaty meeting between the elven nation of Astoerien (I keep on wondering if I spell this right) and the human nation of Rheiviel; well since you’re from both races they expect you to be non-biased and see their issues with equality… but that depends to you.

As long as you think can write in second person, and can write fantasy and romance (there would be some pursuables, yes, with varying gender) you can write for me! As for the payment… well… I don’t know… if bragging rights counts I guess we’re all clear. 😉

You can PM me in LemmaSoft Forums, note me in deviantART, or e-mail me at katara_water14@yahoo.com .

Thanks a lot in advance! ^_^

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