Hello, NaNoRenO 2013 — an Update Sunday and several frustrations


I welcome NaNoRenO 2013 with super open arms! — because technically for this year I am really 101% determined to make something that is not total crap — like what I did last year. Haha, you can see how that fared.

For the beginning of January, I pretty much had an Assassin’s Creed addiction, and technically spammed everything with AC-related things. That and Choice of Romance got me into making this, actually. Because everyone (or is that only me?) likes court intrigue and political things. 😉

By the beginning of February, I got a classmate (that we shall call Freu) that helped me with conceptualizing — and man, was Freu helpful. She just didn’t help me set up the system and the character creation, she even researched old paintings and photographs of the outfits of the 16-20th Century clothing (ranging from the French, to the Germans and Russians) for me, which helped me tons in concepts for the characters. :’D

But then, I wasn’t able to start NaNoRenO properly, because unfortunately March 1 is my long-dreaded Junior-Senior Promenade Night — yes I hate it so much I just need to complete it — and I have to spend the entire day preparing for it. I would have done so many things if it was, like, earlier… But while I’m still having an after-prom hangover, I can update you a little bit about my NaNo entry, right? 🙂


So far, I’ve coded… around 25% of the character creation. I am rage-ing already at the length. But it is pretty rewarding at the end. There are four classes, and depending on the class you can customize your statistics (there are also pre-creation statistics, too), and depending on your statistics you can participate well in the conference. Or be shamed for the rest of your life 😉 Hahaha, that depends of course. Warning: TONS of game-over dead ends. No, I’m serious.

As for my writers, I got three writers for the game — and another one to help me in the middle of the month. I am pretty happy now, and once I finish character creation will be the time they work… for real.


For art… well I can say I’m pretty happy I finally have a VN I’m not gonna make art for — because I sometimes get lazy doing things over and over again, yes, and I get pretty perfectionist over it! For now, have a concept from Lion Box Studio’s guest artist for NaNoRenO — Zylinder! Well even if I have the mood to make the art, I bet it won’t fit the game anyway, too cheerful-looking. Her/his art matches everything perfectly.

So I guess I better run off to work on the character creation system — arrividerci~ (did I spell that right?)

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