A reflection on my (failed) Nanoreno 2013 entry

Well, duh, nothing.



Above image is not official art, of course — I drew this because I was bored and because Kirroha is going all Illias/Alexander after the demo, I can’t help it.

Well, not really nothing. I’ve got a demo! 🙂 That’s something right? If you’re interested, go download it from the page here (scroll down for the link)!

It has no sprite work but has tons of text. Oh, and tons of music. That’s what made it so freaking large. But then, it’s going to be nice, since the demo pretty much covers the first day to the morning of the third day. The second day has the court simulation bit, go give it a try! 😀

From the first person that downloaded it, I already got some opinion and I’ll probably add some more things in the court sim part. But then, here’s what we have for now. I do hope you like it.


For the next few days, I’ll work again on S&H Replay. Yes, that above is a CG sketch. I kinda like it myself. 🙂
Because that is how I felt when I was raging for the last few days on CTS’s demo. It was beyond painful. It almost became like my Lenten sacrifice because I always slept late — and by late I mean 1AM.

I haven’t touched the thing for ages and I miss it already. Man, I missed proper VN coding that’s not complicated as hell. I promise, for NaNoRenO 2014 — if I can ever join, I bet highschool graduation next year will be tons-o-complicated — I will do something freaking short. And something that doesn’t involve crazy women wielding knives.

Okay, I think that’s enough for something like a reflection.

Signing off.


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