I decided my future and some other VN stuff

Well, hello there. Long time no see. Okay, I know that you know what I’ll say.

Sorry, firstly, for disappearing and not updating. Ugh, well, I have reasons, like art classes and entrance exam reviews and some other crap. Well, it’s for my future anyway, so if I wanted to succeed I better study well.

My first plan for college was to take up animation but then the head teacher on the review center I enrolled in said that I should take Fine Arts, majoring in advertising. Hey, my brother did say I was great at fooling people – if that’s even a compliment.

Maybe the world of animation really isn’t for me if I wanted to live and survive. There goes my rant for the future.

As for my VNs, don’t worry for it is still ongoing. 8D Yes, that time that I was dead and not updating, I am still working on Soul and Heart! I’m almost finished on working on Dana’s path now, and I’ll work on Cetus’s path next!

Overall, there will be four paths: Dana’s, Cetus’s, the lone path and the true path~

I guess that’s all for now, since I still got things to do. I’m sorry, and thank you.

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