Lion Box Studios, formerly Harmonica Vitrea Productions, is an indie visual novel-making group (or is that a one-man team? I don’t really know) which gives you stories that we’ll sure you’ll enjoy.

I’m the only member of Lion Box Studios anyway, so I’ll start with doing a (long) introduction of myself.

I’m Lumen, known in some (or was it most) sites I’m in as LumenAstrum. I’m a Filipino highschool student, but that doesn’t stop me from drawing. I like drawing digitally — with Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI and a graphics tablet as my weapons — but my love for watercolors and coffee-painting evens out the what-is-the-better-drawing-medium battle for me.

You can check out my deviantART in case you’re curious about it.

Aside from drawing, I also do write.

I started onto visual novel-writing when I was twelve, but my first release was somewhere at 2011, and that was Soul and Heart. It was a long ride for a first visual novel.

I’m part of Memento Mori VNs as a co-artist.

There’s also Twin Faces, it was rushed for NaNoReNo (I think that’s something like the VN version of NaNoWriMo, but I don’t exactly know what the acronym means), but I was still proud of it, and I was glad since I was able to do something within one month.

There’s also Pachubu-sempai (it’s kinda cute, so yeah), my sometimes-she-stays-sometimes-she-don’t sketch artist. She’s my senior at the same school and because of her speed-sketching (or mostly because I keep on bugging her about it), I always finish my VNs on time. 🙂

Check out her deviantART, in case you’re curious.

And I guess that ends it?
Yeah, that ends it.

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