Finished Projects


Feelings are, as they say, forever.

Once, when the chance showed up, Sirius risked everything to get once into the records room to get one piece of data she wanted, which is the identity of her parents. This ruined her life, as she was caught due to “stealing” of information and dealing physical injuries. She regretted everything she did in that day. But one year after her stay in prison, she had to be transferred to a different section of the prison area.

As her stay in her new “home” lengthens, it gets worse as memories of long ago started coming to her, as if a lone spirit awaking from a long sleep. With the medium of dreams she was able to look at other people’s hearts at the past… and on her own, which brought on the realization of what is behind her own mysterious past. The stories made everything more tangled, more confusing… It triggers one event that will break each others’ trust to everyone.


The action of remembering is already a sign of repentance.

For Milicent, turning her back from her dream isn’t an easy job.

She had left behind everything as she leaves the military: her life, her dreams, her joy and her only hope on actually “living”. Even those emotions and memories she knew she had forgotten long ago… she knew she’d be leaving them behind. But then, another thing she thought she left behind had actually remained with her all the time. And it was a “split personality” that is inside her.

Of course, she has nothing to do with her. She actually treats her more like a burden than what this personality claim as a “sister”. As she tries desperately to get rid of her, she opens up a past she had hidden long ago, and to remember all the bitter memories she tries to forget.

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