No End in Sight


In a world where two races have been fighting against each other, a child was born that changed everything.

Feia, a half-elf and a half-human, desired none of the war between the two races she originated from. After her parents died in the middle of the war, she was left with no family and nowhere to run to, for no side wants to accept her and her biracial origin. All she wished was anything but death and discrimination.

One day, as she got stuck in another feud between the two sides, she was rescued by a mysterious person who promised acceptance and a safe haven in exchange for her service as a negotiator to a secret group aiming to make peace between the two lands. But as the risk of death and the increasing rate of discrimination and hatred looms in, her travels back and forth the human and elven lands couldn’t get any more dangerous.

As she meets new friends, deal with rebellions and opposing forces, and talk her way into pleasing both sides, she starts to make a significance she don’t know she’d be making for the lands of her origin.


Feia, the protagonist. After her parents were killed, she started travelling around any town she finds, finding a permanent safe haven to call her own. Despite her problem’s she’s very cheerful and optimistic, and due to exposure to different races, she had developed her wit and intelligence.


Lerinae, a half-nymph half-elf, but since nymphs coexist with elves, she was more accepted.  She’s childish and playful like what most nymphs are, but she acts more mature than others that’s why she isn’t so interested on being an “entertainer” like what most of her kind does.


Cirlos, an elven hunter that is also a member of the secret group where Feia just joined into, thus he isn’t hostile towards her for being half-human. He usually hunts for food, but he’s also sent to kill people, usually humans. Usually smiling to people, and is very friendly, but he becomes the total opposite when he hunts.


Anron, a student mage from the human capital. He didn’t care about Feia being a half-elf because he doesn’t want to do anything about the war, anyway. Usually passive and deadpan to the world, and is usually seen reading or playing pranks using his magic.


Toasa, a human blacksmith and craftsmaster. She and her co-workers once did business with Feia’s family, and she doesn’t find them very bad, so she accepts Feia just the same. Due to her job and her co-workers, she had become tomboy-ish and harsh, but she’s pretty jolly and graceful.

The other bachelor will be included later on.

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