The Court of the Two Sides

This is the only time you can prove yourself. Like what you keep on saying to yourself as a little child of this word, take this chance, or leave it.

After decades of battles and thousands of deaths, the elven nation of Astoerien and the human nation of Rheiviel had finally came to an agreement to stop their war. A treaty was signed, all was well…

…or so they said.

The discrimination between their two races never ceased, their petty arguments never resolved. The issues still remained and their problems between each other never stopped. Over the years, they keep on finding a way to hate each other, and another war is threatening to begin.

This was a problem for you, a young lady born between the romance of an elf and a human. As soon as you were separated from your parents, finding a safe life was hard, and you knew that the political issues between these two nations must end.

One day, you received a letter from both the Council of Astoerien and the Rheivielian Monarchy — you are to attend a diplomatic meeting between the two nations, to straighten out issues that violate their treaty, and to provide solutions fair to all. Being a half-breed they will assume your opinions would be equal to all… but that now, depends to you.

Be a lady in court: resolve political issues, know your friends and enemies, be the good or bad of the court. Form alliances, rebel with the noblemen, start a rebellion, if you want to. Will you be the admiration of the noblemen and women, or the dirt on which they step on? Would there be friendship, rivalry, or love? The doors of the Amaryllis estate opens to you.

Welcome to the conference.


Protagonist (name changeable, of course)

As soon as the statement came out of your mouth, you can’t help but notice the mixed reactions of your audience. Oops… that was wrong, wasn’t it?

A young half-elf-half-human lady at court, she accepted the risk of resolving political issues just to stop the tension between the nations and so she can finally seek peace. Whatever her allegiances, beliefs and actions will be, it will depend to you.

Members of the Council of Astoerien

Illias / Lady Illana of Niemela
Astoerien Grand Elder

The conversation continues and you instantly warm on the friendly disposition this person is showing you. He opens up and smiles a lot, and he doesn’t mind getting out of his comfort zone to be able to enjoy the conversation.

She/He is a friendly person, and opens up to almost everyone, but is having a bit of a hard time with the humans except for M./Mme. Clement. She/He’s the prime example of the elves’ moral outlook, so many of the humans mock him/her for being “too much of a saint.” Many suspects the morality of the elves is just mere cover though, so she/he can be more than what meets the eye…

Nico of Sarris
Astoerien’s Minister of Trade

He didn’t say anything as you came nearer, but then he smiled sadly to you, like he’s… warning something. You proceeded on your seat, greets him, and the conversation goes on. He is pleasant company; except that he seems distracted, like he’d rather have something else to do.

The complete opposite of Lady Elin, Nico is friendly, but wary of his colleagues; resulting in his melancholy silence around them. He’s more closer to the humans because of his position, and because of that, he serves at the middle person when things between his colleagues and the humans went awry. He’s strangely cheerful around the humans, but it’s unsure if the humans are treating him the same way.

Lady Elin of Nurmi
Astoerien’s Minister of Foreign Affairs

Wen you finally get a good look at her, you finally saw that she was wearing her formal clothes, and she’s wielding a… knife? And is that a crossbow? Her garb seems more of a noblewoman, but the air around her is more of a bandit.

She’s a chirpy, friendly woman that you first meet on your way to the Amaryllis estate. As a master sicarius (assassin), many thinks her clothes and status doesn’t match her attitude; she’s more agile and swift than she is witty — no one can beat her in a verbal argument, though. She’s friendly to everyone — even the humans; although there’s an exception with the form of Mme. Chantal…

Elias of Sarris
Nobleman of Sarris

You later find him in the courtyard lake, on a boat, all alone; all after he disappears in the banquet after a quick conversation with Lady Elin. You try to coax him to get off, since the elder was asking for his presence, but it took a couple of tries before he did so. You assume that parties aren’t his thing.

Elias is the Grand Elder’s mysterious friend and ally, Nico’s clanmate, and what appears to be Elin’s lover. He is more knowledgeable than he looks, and his actions more understandable than what his words can say. What marks him most from the other members of the council is his prominent sarcasm and wit (that he uses sparingly when needed), and obvious distaste of the humans.

Lady Essi of Dianoia
Elder of Dianoia

She comes near you, combs your hair properly, and does the same to the Grand Elder, much to your surprise. They smile to each other like what a mother and her daughter would do. The Grand Elder and Lady Essi is much more closer than what you thought it to be.

Essi is the motherly figure of the council, and she serves as the Grand Elder’s adviser and guardian. According to the Grand Elder, she is a very good judge of character, acts younger than her age, and a skilled veneficus (wizard) of the kingdom; she uses these skills to be a bridge of knowledge to the Grand Elder and everyone else should they not know anything. Like Elin, she holds a distaste for Mme. Chantal.

Members of the Rheivielian Monarchy

M. Alexander / Mme. Alethia Clement
Rheivielian Ambassador

He nods at your comment, and it was enough to piss you off. Practically, you don’t really like people as silent as a stone, and if it’s not throwing rocks at him, you’re not sure how to make him talk.

S/he is an unresponsive person, and only talks much when the job calls for interaction; the result being the misconception of his non-existent social skills. S/he only opens up to his close colleagues like M. Cedric and Mme. Chantal, but with such friend circle, s/he is surprisingly more of close friends with the grand elder of Astoerien, which s/he contrasts with.

M. Thomas Roussel
Rheivielian Minister of Trade

M. Roussel began to ready his horse, and in a few minutes he was running ahead of the two of you. The Ambassador, even though he doesn’t like it, sped up to match his friend’s pace because the gentleman is technically in breakneck speed and laughing like a madman.

He’s the Ambassador’s closest friend and the subject of Mme. Fontaire’s flirting. He’s noisy, brash, and the source of Clement’s panicking; but then gladly he doesn’t show the same attitude on the job. Although, his voice and opinions are usually left unheard because he talks a lot and says little, and usually depend on the Ambassador to translate what he means so he won’t come off as awkward.

M. Cedric Riviere
Rheivielian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Lord Elias and Lady Elin are busily talking in a corner, but surprisingly M. Riviere joins them. It is even more of a surprise that Lord Elias doesn’t make an effort to shoo the man away, and they start another conversation like nothing happened. It’s hard to see why M. Riviere doesn’t mingle with the humans instead.

The quiet voice of reason among the humans, and the only person that Mme. Fontaire ignores — surprisingly. He is close friends with the elves as much as Nico is friends with the humans, and Lady Elin describes him as a “simple man with no trace of human corruption” — although you’re unsure of what she means of “human corruption”. He is friendly to anyone, although it is easy to assume that he knows what to say, but he doesn’t know what words to speak out.

Mme. Chantal Fontaire
Noblewoman of Amaryllis 

She appeared like a bright rainbow after a rain; she approached everyone with grace, bringing smiles to their faces. But glancing to you, she shoots a cold glance, and you know from that point that you aren’t getting any special treatment like she does to others.

A rich noblewoman and the cousin of the king of Rheiviel. She is one of the investors of the Amaryllis estate, the place where the conference will be held, named after the Queen and a district in Rheiviel. She comes off as a sly person with no hobby than flirting, men and women alike, although her flirting with Lady Elin is more of sarcastic than romantic. There’s still the mystery why is she in the meeting.

M. Alain Olivier
Rheivielian Head General

You find him in a quiet corner in the library and, finding that he has the books you need, you had a little chat with him. You quickly realize his choice of books speak largely of his personality, since he browses them all one by one, but you raise an eyebrow as you see a book about finches on the desk. He is a bit odd, but then you know he isn’t all about war.

He is the total opposite of Mme. Fontaire, having few close relations with anyone on court. If the woman persuade to prove, he believe charm is nothing compared to intelligence — you need to prove to persuade. He rubs off to everyone as cold and calculating, that even the Ambassador find the man a little too mysterious for his own good. M. Roussel is a close friend of his, though, both having a love for fencing.

Download Demo 0.5 here!


  • Main Writing, Coding, Story -> LumenAstrum
  • Conceptualizing and Research -> Freu Schneider (not real name)
  •  Backgrounds -> Tasogare-Tei
  • Music -> SENTIVE, DOVA-SYNDROME, Free Play Music, MaestroRage, Galdson, Stefano Mocini
  • SFX ->freeSFX, soundsepher
  • Co-Writing ->Nancie, The Programmer, Castielle, azureXtwilight
  • Sprite Art -> Zylinder / omgla


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